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If you have visited us before, you may have noticed some drastic changes… However, if you haven’t you still probably have noticed that you have been redirected somewhere else and still have some pretty profound questions. In brief, Enterprise Solutions International has evolved, and you have now arrived where we have fully embraced what God had planned for us all along… To be the champion for the Christian Business Community! You can learn more about our story HERE. The great truth is that we are still the catalyst for change in Businesses and Organizations we have always been, as you can see HERE. However, rather than a focus solely on the profitability of a business that we had before, we recognize and are committed to a balanced focus on prosperity as well as fulfillment of a Higher Purpose.


If you would like to learn more about Look Faith First in a more intimate setting, we suggest you visit our Purpose Development Call HERE.


In addition, we are excited to announce that our book, God’s Business: How to Supercharge Your Faith, Your Profit, and Your Client Experience, is already changing lives and is supporting the Christian Business Community like never before. We invite you to learn how HERE.


Regardless, we believe that you are here for a reason, and we are excited to have the opportunity to be a part of fulfilling the Purpose you were always meant to!

May God continue to bless you and those around you!


Coach West


Look Faith First Is COMMITTED To "Guiding Your Business in Fulfilling Its Higher Purpose"! Learn More About How We Support The Christian Business Community Here. If You Have Questions About Our Speaking Services or Coaching and Consulting Services, Visit Them Directly. Finally, If You Or Someone You Know Is Looking For A PROVEN System To Supercharge Your Faith, Your Profit, and Your Client Experience Take A Look At Our Revolutionary Book, God's Business!